What happens when you take the glacial cool of Iceland and the fiery heat of Ecuador and wrap it all up in one artist?

Shanine X. Yngvason’s background was always going to make her a unique individual. Born to Icelandic and Ecuadorian parents, she grew up on the road living her own sort of gypsy life. As a singer/songwriter it has absolutely given her an edge. She’s feisty, independent, spontaneous… and not tied down by a single thing. All of this and more is put on display in her debut ‘Open Fire Or Fall In Love’.

‘Open Fire Or Fall In Love’ – recorded with producers Daniel Travanti and Reto Peter – is sassy, rebellious and imbued with a late 70's punk rock attitude. Listen to the relentlessly feisty “Break All The Rules” or the playful and sexy “Show Me Yours.” SXY is the sound of throwing caution to the wind, jumping in a fast car and driving full speed through the desert.

Shanine has never shied away from making bold moves. “I think I’m a pretty extreme person – what you see is what you get,” the Seattle-native admits. “I usually do a lot of writing when I’m going through emotional times in my life, I kind of just close myself off and have music as my outlet.”

Shanine found that outlet extremely early. She started singing when she was five and has been playing in rock ‘n’ roll bands since she was 13 years old. Her unwavering love of creating music, coupled with an unshakeable determination has helped her rise above any and all obstacles in her path.

Shanine’s strength is evident throughout ‘Open Fire Or Fall In Love’ – "You can love it or leave” she concludes. “I don’t really give a fuck…”